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Food that Speaks Hebrew
A taste of "Israeli Cooking"

When "The Book of New Israeli Food" first came out, in April 2007, many people wondered why I didn't write it in Hebrew. The questions were so frequent, and the interest in the book so genuine, I was almost tempted to translate it into Hebrew. And yet I knew that a translation just wouldn't do. A Hebrew book about Israeli food must be different in form, stance and contents. I am proud and happy to announce that now this book I dreamt about finally exists. No, I didn't write it, but was fortunate to edit and publish it. Authored by the young and very talented Omer Miller, chef and owner of the "Chadar Ochel" (Dining Hall) restaurant in Tel Aviv, the book is called "Mitbach Israeli" (Israeli Cooking). In my opinion (and I’m totally biased, of course) this is one of the most authentic and exciting cookbooks to ever come out in Israel. There is something fundamentally Israeli about it. Recipes are an exuberant mishmash of sophistication and simplicity, of old-fashioned favorites and contemporary chic. Luscious photography (Ronen Mangan) and gutsy styling (Rotem Nir) puts the food in context, with humorous re-enactments of Friday night dinners at grandma's, cheery cook outs and homey pots and pans brimming with goodies, photographed on formica topped kitchen tables.
"Mitbach Israeli" is currently on sale in Israel and is also available through the Al Hashulchan website. For all my overseas friends and readers, here is a small sampling of recipes, in English.

Raw Fish on Vegetable Salad, Fried Pita and Labane

Chicken Drumsticks with Israeli Couscous in Ras El-Hanoot

Warm Date Cakes

photo: Ronen Mangan (from "Israeli Cooking")





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