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Janna Gur's Culinary Guide: Jerusalem

Beit Ya'akov 10, Mahane Yehuda Market 02-5333442 The décor and the food is funky, idiosyncratic but soulful, though sometimes the three chef owners sharing the open kitchen get a little carried away by their own coolness. Still overall experience is fabulous. Currently the hottest restaurant in Jerusalem, so book well ahead.

Angelica (kosher)
7 Shatz St. 02-6230056
Serene and elegant, this restaurant offers well made, creative and locally inspired dishes, one of the best kosher options in Jerusalem.

Shmil at the Lab
28 Hevron Road, 02-6731629
This kosher (dairy) restaurant serves decent quiches, salads and pastas, but what sets it apart is Smil Holland's creative interpretations of Ashkenazi classics, such as krepalach, herring salad or fluffy dumplings with berry coulis served for desert.
Gefilte Fish 
Tzaziki with Grapes and Almonds 

Café Paradiso
36 Keren Ha'yesod St. 02-5634805
Delicious homey food with Romanian slant (try their Chorba soup). A popular spot for family lunches on Shabbat (when most of the restaurants are closed).

41 King George St. 02-6252733
Recently relocated and redesigned, this place is both a popular restaurant and one of the busiest night spots in Jerusalem.

Village Green
33 Jaffa St. Nahalat Shiv'aa, 02-6253065
Expensive and quality driven vegetarian eatery.

11 Hevron Road, 02-6737393
Pleasant Italian restaurant with stunning views of the Old City.

31 Jaffa St. 02-6235464
One of the pioneers of the sushi craze in the Holy Land is still serving some seriously good sushi and other Japanese delicacies.

31 Jaffa St. 02-6259081
local gem – this bar like restaurant is probably the only one in the world specializing in Jerusalem cuisine.

Rama's Kitchen
Nataf, 02-5700954
Situated in a beautiful village of Nataf near Jerusalem, with its unpredictable opening hours, breathtaking views and friendly dogs, this rustic restaurant is quite enchanting. The current chef, trained with Heston Blumental of the legendary "Fat Duck" added some seriously gourmet touches to the menu, though you will still find many casual dishes (shakshukas, flatbreads, salads), which made the place famous.
Check out driving directions and opening hours before you come.

Eli Mizrahi - 12 Ha'shezif St. Mahane Yehuda Market 02-6242105 
Nadi - 5 Shmuel Hanagid St. 02-6251737
Kadosh - 6 Shlomzion Hamalka St. 02-6254210
Resto Bar - 1 Ben Mimon Blvd. 02-6718804
Tomer's Bread - 2 Poaley Zedek St. 02-6480751

Best Hummus
Ben Sira - 3 Ben Sira St. 054-7555330
Pinati - 13 King George St. 02-6254540
Azoura - 8 Mahane Yehuda St. 02-6235204

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The 3 chef owners of MahaneYuda (Photo: Liron Almog)

Rama from Rama's Kitchen (photo: Daniel Layle)




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