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     March 2010
Tradition may be the name of the game for the Seder meal, but there is always room for a little bit of creativity. The following three dishes will suit almost any seder menu and add some much needed oomph to this ultra-traditional event.

Tunisian Haroset
Chef Yosef (Yosifon) Mesilati, Tazza D'Oro, Tel Aviv
With the myriad of tasks that Seder preparation entails, haroset is easy to overlook. Or, at least, that’s what happens to me year in and year out. A couple hours before the meal, when everything seems ready, I invariably slap my forehead – haroset! Ok, don't panic – walnuts, honey, there should be an apple somewhere… and where the heck is that grater? Hmm, dates…? I’m out of dates, but I’m sure no one will notice. Five minutes later a small bowl of brownish paste is on the table, and I am off to the shower. No wonder nobody ever raves about my haroset.
Actually, haroset is the first bite of food you have during Seder, even before the actual meal starts, and every good cook knows the importance of first impressions. This haroset recipe, which hails from the Jewish Tunisian kitchen, is more delicacy than afterthought, fully capable of stealing the show from more "important" dishes. Make a large quantity, and send away your guests with small jars of this wonderful Seder sweet. see the full recipe

Erez's chopped liver
This version of chopped liver will give you a clue why Erez Komarovsky is my favorite Israeli chef. In his version of this Jewish classic, he replaces fried onions with oodles of slowly sautéed leeks, chops livers with a knife (or crushes them with a mortar and pestle) and serves the dish with spicy beet chutney. see the full recipe

Erez's Beet Chutney
Another winner from Erez Komarovsky: Serve in lieu of horseradish sauce (chrein) with chopped liver or gefilte fish. The chutney also goes beautifully with roast beef, brisket or tongue. see the full recipe

Happy Passover!

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