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The Book of New Israeli Food

With over 50,000 copies sold in Israel, the critically acclaimed "The Book of New Israeli Food" is a national bestseller, and justly so. Published in 2008, this oversize cookbook cum coffee table book bears witness to the dramatic renaissance of the Israeli cuisine – steeped in tradition and pulsating with innovation, deliciously blending ingredients and cooking techniques from world over.

Janna Gur, the chief editor of "Al Hashulchan", the premier Israeli food and wine magazine, collected over 200 hundred recipes: from traditional dishes of various Jewish ethnic communities to Middle Eastern specialties and modern renditions by the leading Israeli Chefs. Short articles on various aspects of the local food culture – coffee, olive oil, bread and more – add depth and scope to this stunning work. And then there are the photographs. Eilon Paz, an extremely gifted food and travel photographer, roamed the country looking for landscapes and cityscapes that capture the essence of Israel, as well as markets, dairy farms, restaurants and private homes.

This is what Claudia Roden, the famous cookbook
author and expert on Jewish food wrote about the book: The Book of New Israeli Food is splendid, engagingly written, with delicious recipes and stunning photographs. Stories, features, and background information give a fascinating insight into life in Israel, the enthusiasm of home cooks, the creativity of chefs, and the passionate endeavors of bakers, winemakers, and olive oil and cheese producers.”

"Fresh Flavors from Israel" offers yet another tempting collection of recipes for those interested in the Israeli cooking. The book contains over 60 delicious recipes fit for every occasion. A few of them appear in both books. "You simply cannot write a book about local cooking without hummus or roasted eggplant salads." explains Janna Gur who edited this collection, "but the focus is on the new and unexpected". And so among the street foods in addition to falafel you can find Iraqi sabich (eggplants and hardboiled eggs combo), Tunisian sandwich with pickled lemons or eija – herbed omelet, served in a pita. Instead of the familiar chopped liver "Fresh Flavors" offer you "Hommage to Chopped liver" – an elegant entrée based on the ingredients of this Ashkenazi classic. Favourite summertime snack of watermelon and salty cheese (gvina melucha) is served as an attractive dessert and ubiquitous Jewish chicken soup is enhanced by aromatic Hawaiij spice mix from the Yemenite cuisine. The book also contains zesty salads, hearty soups and casseroles for family dinners, festive dishes for the major Jewish holidays and a selection of mouth-watering desserts.

The Book of New Israeli Food
Janna Gur et al, Photographs: Eilon Paz
304 pp. NIS 179
published by Al Hashulchan Gastronomic Media


The Israeli Edition
The American Edition
Fresh Flavours from Israel





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